Within the borough of Milton Keynes, the Equality Council is working for a just society that gives everyone an equal chance and empowers them to learn, work, live and develop free from discrimination, prejudice, abuse, and the fear of hate crime.


Milton Keynes Equality Council aims to achieve its overall vision of a society where all communities can enjoy freedom from hate crime and a society that celebrates our rich historic diversity of races, ethnic groups and religions. Education is the key to tackling, abuse, discrimination and hate crime. We aim through our programmes to eliminate all forms of discrimination and human rights abuses including, hate crime and those that exist in the practice of harmful cultural practices like FGM, breast ironing, honour based violence, early and forced marriage.


Milton Keynes Equality Council has specific aims and objectives in its pursuit of achieving equality in modern society. This will be done by following a number of values that are fundamental to the operation of our organisation.

Milton Keynes Equality Council (MKEC)

Is an independent voluntary organisation and a registered charity. (Formerly known as the Milton Keynes, Racial Equality Council since 1987 till 8th May 2008 when a resolution was passed at a full council meeting with a majority vote to change it’s name to Milton Keynes Equality Council). Read more…

New Opportunities with MKEC

Do you have a passion for Equality and Diversity? Would you like to explore the opportunity of becoming an Equality and Diversity Trainer? If the answer is yes, then please complete the form below or alternatively download the form and let us have it as soon as possible.

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Anti Hate Crime Group

The Anti Hate Crime Group is a project run by Milton Keynes Equality Council. Lots of agencies work together to support victims and reduce hate crime.

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